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What are the drop chances for the bags you covet to be looted from each boss in Rotten Blood including the final boss’ initial kill chance?
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It's been 3 years since Soul War was released, even more years for many other bosses, and the community still has no clue what the drop chances for other rares are. No one knows, any answer given here is pure speculation.
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I would like to know why my question was down voted? I simply am curious as to what the drop chances are if they are known at all. Unfortunately there was no answer that seemed to truly answer my question or I would have selected it as the best answer.

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We were told by Cipsoft that the chance to get a Bag You Covet will accumulate significantly until you get one and after that the chances go back to baseline. I believe this applies more to the first chance to get Bag You Covet in Bakragore, which also if you have a boost in the bosstiary you can have real chances to get up to 02 Bag You Covet in Bakragore. It has already happened to some streamers to get up to 04 Bag You Covet in Bakragore (two double bags).