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I was looking for somewhere in Tibia where it’s safe, isolated and where trivial monsters (preferably outside my screen) trigger my battle sign, so my gift of life cooldown starts reducing.

Can you figure anywhere like that?

PS: I’m aware that I’ll have to interact with my character every 15 minutes so it doesn’t logout.

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For me, a good Gift of Life cooldown spot must fulfill 5 requirements:

  1. There must be no way for any monsters to be lured on you.
  2. There must be no risk of raids, no matter how rare, from endangering you.
  3. The monsters must always remain within 7 squares from your character. The reason for this is that you need to be constantly attacking the monsters to reliably keep your battle x activated. If you don't attack the monsters and rely on them attacking you for the battle x, eventually they will "lose interest" and your battle x will disappear, even with them on screen (feel free to test this yourself, it's a strange feature!)
  4. The monsters must be unkillable by other players, i.e. they must be behind a wall.
  5. It must be impossible for other players to push you away from the monsters, or rope you up.

The only place I know of that satisfies all of these criteria is the Explorer Society outpost in Northport. You can reach this area reasonably quickly by using the Orichalcum Pearl shortcut from Port Hope. You just need to make sure you are on the right-hand side of the door, then you just attack the parrot. Even though you can be pushed to the far north wall and the parrot will be off your screen, because it's within 7 sqm of your character, you don't lose the attack action. I spent 2 hours stood at the north wall to test this, and my battle x remained for the full duration, and my Gift of Life cooldown was still reducing.

It's also a fairly safe place for PvP servers, because the left-hand room with the teleporter is a protection zone.

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Amazing answer! Good use of a clear and cropped image!
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I think the safest way of reset Gift of life is using immortal creatures like the golem in yalahar, the foxmouse in Oskaayat or the modified gnarlhaund in telas where lots of people use to train skills
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Non-PVP: Yalahar Golem is near dp and it's impossible for someone to kill you there. I also like to be AFK in Darashias Catacombs (where you kill Koshei the Deathless and Sir Baeloc/Sir Nictros). In the begining of the cave, there are only rats and you can go north and close the door with 1 rat. It's impossible for someone to rope you up in this place. Also, if you stay north, people will enter the cave to do their daily Grave Danger rotation and they won't see you there).

PVP: you need to be creative to be AFK. One good place is in the Desert Dungeon Quest vocation-only areas. You need to grab some keys and do some extra steps to get to those areas, so it's kind hard for people to find you there. Also, if you are of one vocation, you can have another low level of another vocation to rope you up to their vocation-only area. For example, you can have an ED to rope your RP to the ED-only area. I know that in ED's area there's a bear. I don't remember well what you get in the other areas...  But you can always summon a mad sheep.