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Is Mage's Cap dropped from Bane boss - Mad Mage affected by bonus loot from bosstiary slot? It is an item which can be equipped but also it is addon item, same as Ferumbras hat which is excluded from this bonus.

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According to CM Liamas, Mage's Cap is not affected by the boss bonus:

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As you mentioned, as an equipment item Mage's Cap should be affected by Boss Bonus however, Cipsoft announced in Forum that some items are qualifed as "unique items" and those are not affected by bonus. This "unique items" qualification do not care about if the item is an addon or no, it literally depends on Cipsfot criteria and they say they wont post a list of the unique items.

Basically with the information we have, right now (Feb/2024) we can't affirm or deny that the item is affected by BB.