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I found a sand castle today in Thais is it something that can only be obtainable once every server save or update? It looks like a nice decoration and I think it's new as I can’t find how to obtain on the Wikis.

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You can get it by using Sand Toys on sand.

To get Sand Toys, go to Candia. You must feed a taffy bunny with Marzipan Carrots, which can be collected in several spots, as shown in the image below:

After collecting a good amount of Marzipan Carrots, use them on the trough that is close to the bunny:

After the bunny is satisfied, it will tell you a secret:

Let me tell you a little secret in return: I know where a treasure is hidden. If you dig around the northern headlands of the island, you'll find it. Right up north, right by the water, yes?

Go to the north of the island and use a shovel or equivalent on the place marked with the gold coin in the image below:


Now you have Sand Toys. When using it on sand, you will obtain a Sand Castle or Vanilla Sugar Castle.

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you can use this on every sand/beach in tibia, this give you possibility to have and push castles to mostly cities in game.
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I remember someone posted on Reddit that they're bothered by this "evil trough" because it's placed horizontally rather than vertically hahaha!

Edit: Found it: https://www.reddit.com/r/TibiaMMO/comments/1dxomf3/am_i_the_only_one_that_gets_bothered_by_this/