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Another update, and another inferior elemental weapones for club users, made me consider change my melee skill to sword fighting.

Currently I am 293 EK with 108 club fighting.

In your opinion, should I change my skill or hope for major changes in next updates?


Edit: I checked on Tibia-Stats, and apparently it will take me the same time to progress to 111 in club fighting, and get 95 sword fighting from zero.

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That is a big deal. Personally I consider sword the best option for knight, although axes always use to have mode damage.

Sword is the melee weapon more versatile, specially nowadays with Gnome sword, Winter and Summer Blade. However we don't know about the future so you should ask yourself if in next update Cipsoft launch a very good club, would you be ok after change to sword?
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Its your time or/and money (If you use weapons to train), but in your skills (108) I think is bad Idea make change to sword skill now. At least wait to the new updates and see if Cipsoft give you a new Mace/Club option.
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