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Today I tamed the Sandstone Scorpion using 3 Scorpion Sceptres. Apart from music box, I want to know a list of taming items that will not break when using. I know that the Astral Shaper Rune will become inert if it fails but won't break.

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In addition to the items previously mentioned (Music BoxNail Case, Lion's Heart and possibly Tin Key), the Golem Wrench, Percht Skull (which you turn in), the two Tendril Lanterns can't break. I also believe Library ticket and Regalia of Suon falls into this category, but I need someone to confirm.

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List of Mounts 100% apart from Music Box:

Neon Sparkid


Stone Rhino (not 100%, but the item does not break)


Bright/Cold/Dark Percht Sleigh

Glooth Glider



Rift Runner

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I only know that the Lion's Heart (noble lion taming item) and the Nail Case(Gravedigger taming item) cannot break.

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The itens that are no breakable are the itens from quests:

Other items that do no break are the eggs: Menacing egg, Crackling egg and Vibrant Egg. Same for Astral Shaper rune and the glooth glider rider.

All the others has a chance to break, even some of them it's minimum.

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hmm this golden can of oil is one , also i've never heard about anyone that got broken four-leaf clover or foxtail..

Tin key is also 100% chance to tame..

all the rest can broke with some bad luck :<
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I've witnessed a Golden Can of Oil breaking, so this one I know for sure it's breakable.
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Same here, I've had a golden can break and I've witnessed a guild member breaking a Fox Tail.
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Four-leaf is breakable too.