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Wondering where is the best place to achieve this, since all the respawns are just for 1 or 2 demons

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it depends of your lvl and the way u hunt. If u have a good team and lvl enough to hunt at ferumbras ascendent quest that is the best place, as Zupa already said.

If u can't handle that u can go to Oramond swers, where I did myself, Paladins can hunt there easily lvl 350+, or hunt with team.

Demons from Yalahar are a good option if u hunt alone and are 200-
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Doing the way to feru seals you can do  like 300 demons per hour.
You also have goroma demons , not bad place for farming demons , here you get like 240 demons per hour.

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Talking about the number of Demons and other creatures I think:

  • On low level (-200): Yalahar and Edron
  • On mid level (200-350): Goroma
  • On high level (350) with team: Oramond or Way to Ferumbras
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I'm already doing this task and I have 2 places to do that. 

1) Edron. You have 1-2 demons and on the tower room 2 infernalists with 1 demon. You can make rounds 

2) Goroma. I would say harder place as Edron, you can kill Hellhounds as well. It is a place with Hellhounds' boss Kerberos. You have some dragon lords as well. 
It takes a few minutes to be on the place. 

Good luck! Choose well your reward. It can be holy icon as well ;) 

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In my opinion the best place are in Yalahar west side if you hunting solo. I finished there full of task :)