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I tried to go to the otherworld but the location keeps moving and even when I get down there I get no exp from the monsters and they respawn super fast. Is it like a world event or do I need to do something first?

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How to enter:

Firstly you'll have to find one NPC named ‘Messenger of Heaven’ which can be located in one of these locations:

- North of Ankrahmun in the Kha'labal, here

- South-west of Svargrond, here

- West on the Zao Steppe, here

Note that only one of these places will be open at any given time. The location is randomly selected (it can remain as the same location) every 2 hours (starting after server save). A Spying Eye (obtained from completing the HoD quest) can be used to find out where the Glowing Vortex is currently active. You will know it is open if there is a hole there as well as the ground having textures appearing to be energy.

Firstly talk to the NPC ‘Messenger of Heaven’, and accept the quest. You must say to it (Hi - Strong – Yes).

Inside the room, which is in the hole undernearth the NPC ‘Messenger of Heaven’ you will see a Glowing Vortex which you need to enter to reach the Otherworld, however before doing so you need to kill 10 creatures roaming around the vortex. These creatures are Sparkions, Reality Reavers, Dread Intruders and Breach Broods. After doing this for the first time you'll have permanent access to the vortex on that character.


- We’ve noticed that each person must get the killing blow on the creature and it does not work the same way charm kills do.

- We also noticed that creatures located within the area underneath the NPC ‘Messenger of Heaven’ do not count towards charms. We guess this is due to how quickly they respawn and to prevent players from abusing. They do however drop loot.

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There is a Messenger of Heaven west of the southern dwarf bridge of Kazordoon as well
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There are 5 types of Otherworld.

3 holes leading to Heart of Destruction Quest (Darama Desert, Farmine and Svargrond). And another 2, part of the Mysterious Ornate Chest Quest in Edron and Kazordoon.

You can see where the portals are with Spying Eye (reward from Heart of Destruction Quest).

Next the holes of HoD, you can find the NPC Messenger of Heaven.

Next the holes of Kazordoon and Edron, you can find the NPC Lesser Messenger of Heaven.