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I'm knight in level 308. I'm old player and still stopped of game for long six years. So, now I'm coming back to play but I don't know where I will hunt,

Please give me suggestions for places with imbuitiments (I don't know everything about this).

I tried this:

Hive Gray Island -> Small xp.

Gooths -> Good xp but crowded of peoples.

Minos Thais -> Good money, low xp and crowded.

Elf Ab'dendriel -> Good Xp but zero money.

Draken walls -> I liked but I died haha.

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Depending on your status of imbuements / equipment you should easily be able to hunt walls (i just hunted it on my 260 ek a week ago, 2x life leech, 2x mana leech 1x crit). As skills on that char really sucked it was hard taking 8 but 5-6 was smooth.

Other spawns you could try are Sea serpents (yes even on that level), Seacrests, Oramond west(with raid), Glooth tower, Medusa Tower or Lizard Chosens.

Except for Chosens and Sea serpents i suggest full imbuements for these spawns (+ garlic necklace at medusa tower).

XP at 100% should be ~1kk on Sea Serpents, ~1.2 at Seacrests, 1.4~ at oramond west, ~1.1-1.2 at Glooth tower, 1.4~1.5 at Medusa tower and ~700-900k at chosens.

All of the spaws are profitable except for ora west.
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I, on 295ek 108 skill, best items(no falcon) with full imbu + fire imbu on chest and shield + dragon/magma neck. Easily exp on walls with good xp/h(dont want to lie, but around 2kk/h) and 400k profit/h. Only sometimes using ultimate heal potions on 8 monsters.