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I'd like the following items as decoration for my house-

- empty honey glass 

- vial of cactus milk 

- veldt flowers 

- wild desert rose 

- tagralt nugget 

I want to know if the locations are safe or if there are monsters on the way to obtain these items?

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Is the question HOW to obtain those items?
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I think it isn't, it's an advertise
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@wersaczi  Don't be a geek.
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how and do I meet monsters along the way.

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These items are parts of Kilmaresh Quest. First of all you have to obtain Ritual Scissors Ritual Scissors(can be found here). 

Veldt Flowers

You can obtain Veldt Flowers image by using Scissors  Ritual Scissors on Veldt Flowers (Object) Veldt Flowers (Object).


Wild Desert Rose

You can obtain Wild Desert Roses image by using Scissors Ritual Scissors on Wild Desert Roses Wild Desert Roses.


Vial Of Cactus Milk

You can obtain Vial of Cactus Milk Vial of Cactus Milk by using a Hand Auger Hand Auger (you can buy it from Npc Gorn in Thais for 25 gp) on Flowering Cactus. 


Empty Honey Glass

You can obtain Glass Full of Honey Glass Full of Honey by using an Empty Honey Glass Empty Honey Glass  on Honey Palms  Honey Palm.

  • Empty Honey Glass you can loot from: Black Sphinx Acolyte, Burning Gladiator, Priestess of the Wild Sun or you can buy it from the market.


Tagralt Nuggets

You can obtain Tagralt Nugget Tagralt Nugget by using a Pick (Enchanted) Pick (Enchanted) on Veined Stone Veined Stone.

  • The pick can be used 3 times before losing the enchantment. Wait 10 minutes and it will regain it.
  • Pick (Enchanted) we can get from Npc Yonan.





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First you need to start missions, if you don't do it when you try to cut flowers then will dissapear.  you can drop only from monsters.
Also you can ask friends who have done this quest to collect the items. It is also possible when the quest are finished.

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I know, I mean more to whether, for example, the places for beheading are among the monsters? I've already corrected the question.
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Yes, there was a lot of monsters, so i prefer to do it with someone else if you are low lvl. There was no place without monsters.
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295ms, but i don't want many waste :D
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So will be better if you take someone else :P