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I wanna join next regular tournament and my question is: how to organize my time on the tournament? I don't want to waste too much time. (Previously the amount of playtime on the tournament was 2 hours but every tournament can be different with the playtime!)

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First of all, prepare yourself to use tibia coins, otherwise, you are not going to level up as fast as others.

Keep in mind the rule sets for the Tournament seen here: https://www.tibia.com/community/?subtopic=tournament

For example in past tournaments, we saw the points as:

  • Level  x100 points
  • Bestiary x20 points

This means that every level you advance is 100 points you get, and the bestiary you complete gives you proportional points to the difficulty of it (if you unlock a 500 monsters bestiary, for example, means 15 charm points, so in the tournament would be 15*20= 300 points) Every tournament can be different so these points are just an example.

First day:

  • Buy Basic spells and basic set
  • Buy mana potion in-store and then mana keg
  • Level up to 28 or 30 in a cave near the city: example Edron ancient tomb, cyclops, etc
  • Buy GFB in store, and go to spike or meriana, level up there as much as possible.
  • Bid a small house in a good spot near the place where you plan to hunt in.

Consecutive days:

  • Buy mana casks in your house
  • Kepp buying expansive runes in store or if you can hunt in som profitable place, buy them from npc
  • First choose respawns where you will level up fast
  • Then once you don't level up that fast, choose respawns where you can do bestiary fast.

If you can, team hunt with some mates. Check-in tibia.com who is online. On the last day, if you can kill some of your adversaries, do.

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I heard that the most importans is lvl and charms. It seems to me that they can also achievements and quest, but less. I think it's best to focus on lvl and bestiary.

edit * no points for achievements.
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I trying one time, and when you make bestiary you wil get more points.  Also doing achivements and quests.
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I think the quests and achievment only counted on the test tournament. In the last tournament only lvl up counted x100 and bestiary was x20.
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  • Check you don't need do nothing in the next 2 hours, and your internet doesn't have problems.
  • Try to learn the time when most of people are off, this can help you to get more places to hunt empty. By example, I know in my server (Gladera) I can find good place at the server save time.
  • The most important thing is know exactly where you need go and do before logging. 
  • Also have at least 2 options to hunting places.
  • Dont forget check ur balance, remember have option to make some profit, like hunt on Stonereffiners.
  • But remember the rules are not the same on all tournaments, so you need review your strategy.