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As the question says, is it worth training fishing nowadays? If so, what are the applications of this skill besides getting fish?

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Well actually is worth to fishing in ice, since some fish are expensive and useful for quests or even to sell it on market to get extra money.

How to fish on ice

Use your fishing rod on the ice hole. Just as normal fishing, it may take a few tries, depending on your luck and your Fishing level. The fish you catch will appear in the same container that your fishing rod is in. You can only catch one fish from each hole per pick of that hole. Don't forget your worms!


Each 1000 fished:
56 Green Perches
32 Northern Pikes
8 Rainbow Trouts

• Fish Fish (Common)
• Green Perch Green Perch (5.6% - Semi-rare)
• Northern Pike Northern Pike (3.2% - Rare)
• Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout (0.8% - Very Rare)

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This percentage might change by the time I increase my fishing skills or I will just get the fish quickly?
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I can only add you can gain achievements and your fishing skill can help you a lot.

- Desert Fisher Sandfish

- Here, Fishy Fishy! image

- Exquisite Taste  Northern PikeRainbow TroutGreen PerchFish

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Achievement "Jamjam" although it isn't typically covered by fishing achievement but  you can catch fish instead of buying it.
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Yes, as they wrote above :) fishing are also helping with catching faster a Shimmer Swimmer.

It can be found and fished at Lake Equivocolao, north of Port Hope during the Twisted Waters World Change. Upon catching one, you will receive the following message: A Shimmer Swimmer! It is said that this rare creature only appears once each day in the murkiest of waters! Once fished it will only respawn after 24 hours (character based time, and real life time). Getting this fish can be quite time consuming when using a character with a low fishing skill.

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Didn’t know about this fish and achievement... what is high fishing level? 50+?
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i think yes, In my server Peloria was 107 :D i have a 45 and its good for me
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ok I will try to fish one with my powerful fishing skill(54) xD
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Great!! Good luck whit it :)
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If you want to be on highscores, it's a cool idea, if you have patience and like this...

If you aim profit and utility, keep in mind this: Your fishing skill increases the chance that you will successfully catch a fish, up to a maximum chance of 50% at fishing skill 77 and beyond.