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I would like to know what city/spot/place have a high number of water sqms to fish, with not a lot of monsters to bother me while I'm fishing.

Keep in mind that I want to train fishing only, not melee + fishing.

Share your experiences on where you like to go to train fishing for a long time.
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Im really curious about this question may i ask why you need a lot of sqms to fish just one doesnt work ? And why you want to train fishing ?
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When you catch a fish, the sqm is "blocked" for 30 minutes. so you can't fish, can't skill up.

I like fishing, character title, highscores, it's not  important, just something different. Full charlover.

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I used to train fishing outside the Venore's depot, it's safe and have a good amount of water sqm to train.
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Agree. Outside Venore depot was always place to do some runes & finishing same time.
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Fibula's a great spot to do some fishing. Very quiet and lots of spots where you wont be interrupted, especially if your fishing level is low. You can really get some serious fishing in there.
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Well, I suggest fishing in Svargrond, where there are some cracks on the floor. Why do I suggest it?

Soo, you can take some special fish where you can sell to some quests and make some money and can kill some freak monsters like penguins and wolves, so doing the bestiary, and finally, you can take an achievement.