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I want finally finish "Firewalker" achievement. I prefer do it in safe place without monsters. If there is any safe place please share it with me.
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8:10 starts, if a non pvp worl, needs warmode to do it

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Best place for do this is in the teleport of the task endurance of the old warzones:

Once you have done this task you won't be able to enter again the respawn, so the teleport 'kick you out'

You just need to put fire before the teleport this way:

And just keep runing into the teleport from the north to the south:

Advice: Wear fire protection set. If you can 'bug' the south arrow key of your keyboard with a magnet or a pen...I did and it worked ^^

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He asked for a place without Monsters, not pz. But if he wants a place in pz, as u said, the place of wote is good
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Is locked button on keyboard legal in Tibia?
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on non pvp worls only work if warmode, there is no natural fire field there
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I know two safe places:

First one is in Svargrond - Mammoth House. If you are lucky owner of this house you can do your achievement safely there.

Second one is in Emperor’s Castle (Zao) on -5 floor. You need Wrath of the Emperor Quest - Mission 8 - Uninvited Guests

I can add benefits of this two places. First one is you don't have to put fire on the ground  because  is already on the floor. Second one is all of two places are in protection zone so you dont have to worry about monsters or players on pvp world. Third one is if you have finished quest way to both places is really short.

Protective zone:

Shortcut: In room with Npc Chartan you will see teleport on right side. Use it and you will see doors ( is way on lizard city).

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Wait.. Is it protective zone in that house where the fire is? How would you take damage in a protective zone o.o
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I updated my post. You have protective zone in all two places so these places are really safe.  How would I take damage in a protective zone? Cuz..is fire :D You can die normaly here ( I have friends who forget to change firewalker boots). This way work for 100%.
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South of the Spikes/Warzones entrance

Like if you gonna buy the blessing.

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The fire on the way to 'The Bone Master' after you have completed the Dreamers Challenge Quest has protective zone aswell :)

You can access this place easily after you have completed the quest by going to the Knightwatch Tower in Plains of Havoc and then into the 'Realm of Dreams' teleport (dont forget to bring your orichalcum pearls to use the teleports), Enjoy!