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Some raids on Tibia are really old and rare (like the big Orc Raid on Thais, or the Femor Hills Raid by Orcs) but they usually are extremely rare, and the common ones (wasps and similar) appear to occur every week or so... How do I make sure to get into big rare raids that are interesting?

Must also comment that some cool raids are also not announced, like the Orcs in Femur Hills.... I never saw that one, and seems to be very interesting to join!!
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Great question. Maybe it should be rephrased to something along the lines of: "How to find out a rare raid is happening?" or "How to know when a rare raid is happening?"
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Great suggestion. I modified it :) thanks!

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Well some raids on tibia are random and there is no text announcing the raid , so the best option and is the one that many raid followers use is to have low levls/second chars on each respwn of orc raid for example and checking it daily or every hour , doing this you will get a very big chance to get the raid.
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Is there a website like TibiaBosses that can show me stats about hte frequency of these raids?
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If someone knows a website showing stats about raids, it would be much appreciated!