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It is about to spawn Ferumbras in my world, so today I have unlocked completely Liberty bay in order to have more time to arrive the citadel.

So, how this 'raid detector' works? I was said that in the beginning it doesn't show the concrete place of the raid, and when the time passes it does.

So, how much time do I have since it shows the citadel as the raid respawn, until everyone receives the raid message?


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So after making my own reserch, here is the right answer xD

  • First notification: An hour before the raid/ raid message; It shows the 'area'of the incoming raid
  • Second notification: 45 minutes aprox after the first one; It shows the 'subarea' of the incoming raid
  • Third notification / Raid message/ Raid: It shows the raid that is about to happen in the right place of the subarea.
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Great research and very complete answer. Thank you!
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You can be alerted one hour before the message of raid appear in the world game.

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But one hour before, will it say that the raid is on the citadel or in liberty bay?
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It will only say its a raid in the entire area (in your example liberty bay)
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so, how much time before the msg of the raid, it will say that it is on the citadel?
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It will not tell you before it is announced to everyone.