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The Cobra Amulet
You see the cobra amulet (Arm:4, protection death +9%).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 250 or higher.
It weighs 5.30 oz.
The bearer of this amulet will command the gaze, the resilience and deadliness of the cobra. Yet what firmly has its place in the heart of its wearer, the cobra will conceal.

 The cobra amulet is a rare loot from Scarlett Etzel , but it has another use , or is only for death protection?

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Interesting, let me know, when do you use the amulet  it lose his atributs?
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As long as I know when you use the amulet you are giving it back to their original place and it turns into the item that says a note about two souls.

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Recently I found that the Cobra amulet can be used on a part of the new stage on opticording quest.
There is a new secret room on ankrahmun , where if you dig you will found it.

Location: https://www.tibiaroyal.com/en/tools/mapper/&cor=33102,32631,8,3&e=;32631,33100,8,0

Here is the room

And here is where you can use the cobra amulet

After using it

the cobra amulet will look like this:

you also get a Note:

You see  a note about two souls. It weighs 0.50 oz.
Returning the amulet of the Cobra to its resting place has reversed everything that happened to Scarlett and Galthen after it was taken. For them only , however. You are truly selfless.

Sourcehttps://tibiopedia.pl/ on a thread in the forum about opticording quest research.
Credits for : Dairoshi

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As Cobra Amulet has significant role in Tibia's lore, Adding to Zupakode Answer:

Lionet's answer about Lore of the Cobra Amulet - https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38769695#post38769695:

"I really appreciate the interest of the Tibia Community in our lore and stories! Here are some additional notes on my story of Scarlett and Galthen:

The Cobra amulet is an extremely powerful artifact with an unknown origin as of now. Its traits are concentrated on a single individual but the curse will affect all things directly connected to the amulet and its wearer. When the amulet is returned to its eternal resting place, everything the taker, thus owner, of the amulet has experienced from that point in time onward will be undone. All of this, as already mentioned, will only affect events in direct relation to the bearer of the amulet and the bearer him- or herself.

In the case of Scarlett and Galthen, Scarlett was blinded towards Galthen while in turn a successful search for Scarlett was impeded by the amulet. Returning it to its resting place will alter the timeline for Scarlett (and also Galthen who is directly connected to the Scarlett, the amulet and ultimately the curse). So in their world, the events after the crypt never took place. Everything before that will still have happened. However, without the power of the Cobra, Scarlett will not continue the assassin path much further and she, as well as Galthen, will have the possibility to find each other. Both their searches would eventually be successful as they belong together.

By chosing to return the amulet, players are effectively building a somewhat happy ending for the two but will lose the amulet. That is why the note says: "You are truly selfless"."