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It is possible that when we equip a Broken Amulet, it disappears?

Remember that this item was the old amulet of life before, but some people still have it, like a rare item.

Does anyone know?
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Is it something you heard of, or you just assume that it might happens as Amulet of Life was removed from the game? Why I am asking is the fact that it is a rare item and people would prefer not to risk loosing it. I never heard of it before.
Logically, it should not disappear considering you can sell it to Eremo for same price which you could have bought it (50k)- giving players a chance to get money back.
Now, the only scenario which  comes to my mind is a bug which- making it disappear due not being active item (but also then usually anything which will be removed/expired is announced by Cip giving players opportunity to still utilize it), or another bug which gives old properties(even only partially) of Amulet of Life to the Broken Amulet and item will disappear when player who is wearing it dies.
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I personally don't have this item, but it would be a good idea to verify it on a test server. I have never heard of anyone testing it.
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I'll test it when I can on a ts

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If you die wearing the Broken Amulet (Only decorative, like Wolf Tooth Chain) it's not gonna disappear because it is not the same item as Amulet of Life (Prevents item loss caused by dying). Also you can drop the item (Inside your body) if you die and don't have Blessings or Amulet of Loss.

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Did you test this?
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To be honest is not necessary. Is the same case with the Key Ring
replaced for the Broken Key Ring.

The Key Ring worked as Container, and the replaced Item the (Broken Key Ring) Dont.