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My question is in some sense related to How is loot divided in Scarlet Etzel? but not quite. I am not asking whether it is easier to beat her in a group or alone because the mechanics themselves force fight her solo but... what with loot? Does it make boss alone or in a team matter on loot? Or maybe I have the same chance of drop a rare item as in a team fight? Maybe you have some experience with this?

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I think solo is better.


 Well this is my situation: I am RP, and I always do It with an Ed. We attack the same to the Boss (2 turns each one) but I also tank It while the ED sio me. Our loot? AI normaly get like 7 different things, he only gets a green gem, always.

The times he does It alone he gets as I do, over 7 different items...

So I guess that, at least, to do a little profit It is better to do It solo
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The percentage to get a loot from boss is the same in team or solo. So if you can have level 350 or close, can do it solo.
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even 250lvl will do the final boss solo without any problems, worse with the rest of the quest(minibosses) where you need a team
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I think that better situation to kill scarlet is in X2. RP+ED, MS+ED, MS+RP, ED+MS... Using Sacred Tree Amulet and most protective earth set to avoid a lot of damage of the combo. (This combo can beat 7,5k+, take care)