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Recently I was looking for something on the market and found such an item: Lich Staff 

How do you get it? small info on polish websites.

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Could this question be converted to Opinion-based? I think that in this way you will have more clues on how to get it. There are always a lot of adherents who love Role Play and do a lot of research about these things ...
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but it's not opinion based. I don't need a legend, but particulars from where it can be obtained.
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Yes, XD :*

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Lich Staff image is unobtainable item (Liches carry this staff but they do not drop these). You can see this item in  treasure room in Ferumbras Tower.  There is chance that Cipsoft will add this item like Golden Hyena Pendant Golden Hyena Pendant which was unobtainable until last update or Hammer of Prophecy Hammer of Prophecy.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Lich_Staff

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true, some websites that don't provide ongoing updates still have hammer of phropercy as an unknown item.
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Lich Staff.gif (Atk: 40, Def: 30 +2).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 40 or higher.
It weighs 41.00 oz.
A scent of death and decay sticks to this weapon.

Is a one handed weapon (CLUB).

You can see one in Kharos at the Ferumbras Tower in its Citadel. It is not known how it is obtained or if it can be looted by any new boss or one of the bosses never seen (like Zoralurk, Apocalypze ...)

How to get it? I cannot give certainty in any way. In Antica they have very little information about him.

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I love this club, when i was noob try to get it by all means XD