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My friend is a very good charmer and he farm a lot of points completing the bestiary but there is 2 creature that he doesnt know what is their very rare since he completed both bestiaries but the very rare didnt appeared , so what item is that very rare?

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According to TibiaWiki the very rare are:

Goldhanded Cultist Goldhanded Cultist.gif  = Gold Nugget Gold Nugget.gif.

Goldhanded Cultist Bride Goldhanded Cultist Bride.gif  = Green Gem Green Gem.gif.

Full information in

Museum of Tibian Arts.

In creatures section.

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Very rare loot: Gold Nugget.gif Gold Nugget

Very rare loot: None

Very rare loot: Green Gem.gif Green Gem

Very rare loot: None

Very Rare items are only unlocked once you loot them AND have killed the creature the necessary number of times.