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I saw many original ways to celebrate level ups , but I want to know your ideas to get a better idea when I up my character to lvl 600 to do it in a original way. 

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6 hours ago

So what Ideas do you guys know for this purpose?

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huh, I'll always try make nice screen :) Here my ideas:

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In my opinion, the most original is a picture with friends. I'm also approaching level 600 and I already have one idea. For me this is an original idea. I will add some items and I think it will be great. I would like to share this photo, however, I am a bit lacking up to 600.

But I found some screenshots on Instagram maybe it will move your imagination a bit :) 

If I find something interesting, I will add something else :)

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The best way to celebrate your level is to do it with friends :D