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With the feature of map refresh that Tibia has announced it says that map will refresh and everything on it will be deleted , but this affects to the respawn of items like balloon cloth?
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huh, interesing!

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Today after server save I managed to get some Ballon Cloth  from some servers! I get 5 of them, a lot of people was check this place.


From now, Balloon Cloth is no longer a rere item! The same sytuation is with rest items like vial of mana fluid. 

I checked it today.

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It seems it cannot be traded through the market though, right? People just trade char to char? I also got one in my server. :-)
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Yes it's true. It cannot be sold at the market. Cool! Congratulations!!
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I was add some info. They spawn Daily.
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It won't. These itens were already a rare spawn in a specific area.

There are two possibilities of things that can happen.

First - Every server save will work as an rollback when they clean everything and return a few itens such as mana fluids at yalahar.

Second - They will only clean the floor removing any item that wasn't there originally (excluding houses, GH)
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Those items are NOT rare respawn. I mean it just appear on resets but when you say ''rare'' sounds like they can appear or not.