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I know that back in the day I didn't have this problem on the new (well, not so new) tutorial island - but today I was getting a level 8 character on Dawnport and right when I clicked on the door of my vocation to get out of there and proceed to mainland, ALL my potions vanished, even a health potion that I got from a monster drop...

That was a very unhappy situation... Anyone knows if there is any way to keep potions that I saved on Dawnport (the ones that you get for free on each vocation-exit)?

I also lost the basic free rod and wand that you get on druid and sorcerer passages (both called Chiller and Scorch, I think), along with the basic runes that they give to Paladins there...

I must also state that there was NO message indicating that I would lose all my potions after going through the vocation door!

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No, the game is designed in a way that you can't bring items with you from Dawnport. Some items exist due to a bug early on in Dawnport's existence.
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You would be surprised, but back in the past you could bring potions without using the famous bug that was heavily exploited by the Tibian community. Simply walk through the doors, go to the ship and Voilá.

Anyway,the game should tell that buying potions before going to Mainland is useless. Non-sense for me to lose a potions that I invested money or got from a monster drop. I would be pissed if I was new to Tibia...
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You cannot take it with yourself to the Mainland, however some people still own multiple copies there from exploiting the bugs in the beginning of 
Dawnport existence.

But for example I have in mainland (Runes lighe Light stone shower rune , lighest missile rune, spellbook of Novice , The Scorcher , The chiller).

You can still found it on collectors for a price around (500k-2kk The scorcer and chiller, around 400k-1kk Each rune and 1-2kk the Spellbook)

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no way to take anything from dawnport, except the money you can deposit  to your bank account after passing the profession doors, hi > deposit all > yes.
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yeah, but some items disappear and others not. For example, I got some bows with me after passing on the Paladin's door. Still, there is no information telling me that I always will get bows on all doors or only will have bows liberated on the Paladin's door.
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The best way you have on Dawnport is use multi account and free manas to use on single character and train Magic Level on Dawnport.

The most important think with the bug is the ppl used this to bring Brass Set to Rookgaard, this just kill the island. Also per each part of set can won 250 TC.