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So... What is about the world change called The Mummy's Curse? What we can do differently on this world change?

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Access to Sandstone Scorpion for mounting.


Go to Ankrahmun and head out of town to the ramp here. Go up the ramp heading directly north and follow the path down into the tombs below, you are now in Horestis' Tomb. The Pharaoh, Horestis who resides in this tomb is protected by many creatures.

There are five Ornate Canopic Jars around the tomb that seal Horestis' burial chamber. In order to face Horestis, these need to be broken. They can be broken in any order, you do not have to start from the top floor. There's one jar on every level below the level An Ancient Priest is on. To break them, players must "use" a jar and every time one is used, players may break the jar or see the message "Waaaaaah". Every time you break a jar you are granted one chance to face Horestis, and these chances can be taken as far in the future as you wish.

Each player can use a jar once per (real-time) hour, otherwise they will receive the message "You are too afraid to destroy this object". It is a good idea to get help with this stage by bringing other characters and friends along as it takes approximately 10 - 80 tries to break a jar.

Note: Characters of any level can participate in this World Change and it's possible to break all the jars with the characters of only one account.


A pharoah resides in his tomb, but can be awakened again.

Video : https://youtu.be/o28buCoq8E

source: tibiawikia

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Sandstone Scorpion provides bestiary? If yes, how many kills needed and how many points you get from it?