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We have a lot of spells and items in Tibia that speed up our character, but I wonder how to slow down our character? I'm not asking for such obvious things as monster paralysis, but for other ways to slow the character down.
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Let me ask why would you decrease your speed?
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Only useful point of this information is to know which items you Must avoid to use xD
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During double respawn, I hunted for weak monsters but not weak enough to kill them with runes (I'm a knight) and they walked quite slowly so before I gathered fullbox I had to wait a few seconds for them to run up and then I thought "maybe somehow slow down myself" and that's why I asked such a question. ^^

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Same way there are items that increase your speed, there are items that make you slower, but only 2:

  • Depth Calcei Depth Calcei: -5 speed
  • Fur Boots Fur Boots: -6  speed

There are spells as well that can decrease your speed:

  • Sharpshooter Sharpshooter: "Utito tempo san". It decreases the speed 70%.

Net connections can slow you down too. Playing in a server far away from your country (as me that play in NA and live in Spain, I usually play with 130 MS, when in European I got over 30), or your computer graphic (fps), the better it is the more fps you got, so casting spells or spam in the screen won't make you lag.

And as zupakode says if your keyboard delay is high, you will be slow.

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The other way to "slow" your character is to set very high your keyboard delay, this will make your character to go slower since you wont be fluent on running.