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I want ask about Tibia chars deleting system. In last week my char was deleted in Damora (lvl 299). I never use bots,task or any unofficial software on my pc or this character/account. I got answer from cipsoft i used unofficial software and this is end of this case

I created new character reach level 49  also on Damora and today i logged to Tibia, got info "Battle Eye is not verified" and character was also deleted. I didn't have any unofficial software, task, mouse software on my PC.

Did someone have similar situation. Did BattleEye banned IP or Device ID?

This is insane situation for me when you don't break Tibia Rules but they delete so many hours of time.

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You should send mail to Cipsoft with your info and why you think you were incorrectly banned. Sometimes you get banned or deleted for massive reports but that doesnt mean that you are doing any ilegal. So send mail to Cipsoft to clarify this.
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The only solution I see is to write once again to the Cipsoft support and explain situation with deletion of your first (299 lvl) and then second character (49 lvl). If it's possible - show them screenshot of this info about Battleye.

I've heard about many deletions because of unofficial software and players said that they've never cheated. Sometimes they get their char back, sometimes not. The truth is that our characters formally belongs to the Cipsoft and you can't do anything else than trying to explain your situation.
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I don’t think battle eye ban people IP only the account but if you char got deleted twice maybe there is something running in your computer and you don’t know (some macro or some virus that battle eye saw like a cheating software) anyway now that all this already happened you should try to email cipsoft and try to get one of your account back or at least more info of the deletion of your account (if email doesn’t work you can try the forum too) but I doubt they change a a delete status that easy.