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Is there a way to tell who got banned or deleted and for what? If memory serves me right you used to be able to see it on their character page. *I'm not talking about me being banned or deleted, I mean if I'm able to see why someone else got banned or deleted.

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You are not able to see info about Ban of other players. About delete, if you try to search them at the website it will show that character no long exists.

You can just see info about your own punishments, for that you acess the personal page of some character and there you will have the info about his punishment like the image below:

SOURCE: TibiaFandom

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to clarify is 5 not 2 xD 2 days of ban and those who were ban cannot log in during the double loot event to make it a total of 5 still to low for what it did
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I dont really think they care about the Double after the money they farm, but anyways there is nothing we can do xD
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7 days for Spam
5 days for exploit a weekness ingame

That i could call German fellings rsrs