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Ok, this boss is kinda hard. Tried two times as a duo and couldn't destroy the chest in the end....

Anyone can help me on that issue? What is the full guide to defeat him?
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Following artugaldino explanation is easy to success with at least 2 players.

I haven't tryed on my main, but I tryed to solo in a lvl 130, and couldn't, failing because all the elementals were hitting at me at the same time. Maybe it happened because I was slow in that character, but I would say that u need at least to be 2

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"The feast: Fight against King Chuck" 1-5 players can participate, with 3 being the minimum recommended. Time: 10 minutes to get all the stages complete. Rewards: 100 Festive Points are rewarded per participant as long as they reach the required participation amount. Also, you will always loot a violet gem and there's a rumor that you may also get plushies. Cooldown: Within 24 hours you can fight King Chuck 3x (with at least 1 hour between each fight). The 24-hour cooldown starts with your first boss fight. This is of course only when Orcsoberfest is active.

Location: King Chuck is located in the Feeding Grounds. To access the Feeding Grounds you need to find the Schnitzel and whack him with the hammers dropped by the spawns of Schnitzel to get a total of 50 Schnitzel points, which would take 50 hammers. Each time you enter the Feeding Grounds you use 10 Schnitzel Points which can expire if you logged on or off and last 2 hours but only start when you enter the feeding ground. To find the Schnitzel you can use an item called the all-knowing sausages and it will tell you where he is, which you can get from NPC Xaver for 100 festive points.

The stages of the fight:

Stew Time -> Beer Elementals/Storing Beer Casks -> Stew Time Beer Elementals/Storing Beer Casks -> Angry King Chuck

Stew Time -> Beer Elementals/Storing Beer Casks -> Stew Time Beer Elementals/Storing Beer Casks -> Angry King Chuck -> Orger Treasure

Mango 1- Stew Time: The stew will ask for food or wood. There are 4 balconies with different ingredients north, west, east, and south and woodpiles close to the exit portal southeast of the room. (I recommend studying this chart) So pay attention to what ingredient is where and what is being yelled for.  You must throw 5 ingredients at the stew to proceed to phase 2. Failure to supply the right ingredient will give each participant a penalty point.

Typically 1 player would be on each side, also someone that's south or east would usually be in charge of throwing in the wood. If you have an extra player, players who are at the ingredients typically toss the food to the extra player who is sitting at the cauldron to avoid running and to save time. All strategies should be discussed prior to entering the portal with your team.

Rampaging Beer Elemental.gif2- Beer elementals/Storing beer casks: When phase 1 is complete 4 Beer elementals will appear in the room. Very important that you're aware Beer elementals that hit will inflict a penalty point to you. You must use the traps on the floor and make the spirits pass on it. They'll turn into barrels that run from players. You must lead all 4 barrels to the northwest of the room to store the casks. What's helpful is usually opening up all the traps prior to the elementals spawning, so before the 5th ingredient is put in, usually you would open up your traps on your side. Be careful not to step on the traps, as this will close the trap. 

King Chuck.gif3- Angry King Chuck:  King Chuck will spawn, very important you avoid getting hit by him as this can cause a penalty point. One player needs to use the red barrel southwest near the NPC named Orc Cook. This will place the same barrel somewhere in the room, you must make the king walk through it 4 times. Each time he consumes a barrel you need to click on the red barrel southwest again. A good tip is to have someone standing at the barrel clicking it when a new barrel is needed and to have the other player run the King to the barrels. The King likes to retarget so it's suggested that only one player run the King and to have the others staying at the southwest barrel. 

monster 4- Ogrer Treasure: After you complete phase 3 (Calming down King Chuck) two times a chest will appear south of the cauldron. You must defeat it, all the process must be done within 10 minutes otherwise you'll be kicked out of the room.


  • 1- If you get hit by Beer elementals you get a penalty point.
  • 2- If you get hit by King Chuck you get a penalty point.
  • 3- Failure to supply the right ingredient will give each participant a penalty point.

Very important to avoid causing penalties as you can get kicked out of the room if you reach a certain amount of penalities (For example: Get hit 10x from Beer elementals) and you will also deduct points from the overall time (For example: Lose 1 minute if you get hit by Beer elementals 3x)




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Nop, if there is no queue you can do as much as you want in a row.
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This changed in the last Orcsoberfest event!
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Edited as there were important key facts not mentioned. For example- The King causes you a penalty as well, what the cooldown is, rewards, what's required to access him, etc.