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Hi everyone!

I have seen this item called royal fanfare and I think it is just lovely! 

It is supposed to produce green notes when used.

The question is: how can I obtain such an item? I have spoken to different NPCs (Queen Eloise, King Tibianus, A Sweaty Cyclops) but didn't get any clues. I also looked in the internet but no hints either.

Does anybody know how to obtain such item?

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To my knowledge the item is unobtainable as for now! However there might have been a way to obtain it in the past, so you could look on rare trading boards!

Best of luck in obtaining this item!
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Thanks! Yes, maybe one day I can get one. I suspect it can be obtained through a quest though.
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All I can say is that this item do not drops from any monster nowadays. As Frazzie said, think we can not obtain this item by now.