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Regarding exercise weapons with 500 charges,

  • Considering you use one completely without any interruptions, how long does it take to use one fully?
  • Does it take the same amount of time to use an exercise weapon in a public dummy than in a private one?
  • Do weekly reward weapons then take 1/10 of the time it takes to use a weapon with 500 charges?
  • Does it take the same amount of time to spend any of these weapons? (rods, wands, axes...).
Thanks in advance!
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According to tibiawiki 1 charge is used every 2 seconds, so a weapon with 500 charges takes 16 minutes and 40 seconds to complete!

The only difference between a private and public dummy is how fast you gain skills, not the time it takes to use a charge.

Yes the weekly reward should take 1/10 of the time.

All exercise weapons take the same amount of time to use, but since skills work differently to one another some skills are not worth using exercise weapons to increase
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Yes i know!
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I think you could create an answer and copy-paste the content of your comment, it is good information. An answer can be turned into a comment, but I think it is not possible to do it the other way around. :)

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One exercise weapon takes about 16minutes to disappear by using without interruption.

Yes, it takes the same time using at a public or private dummy. Further all kind of exercise weapons will finish at the same time.
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Types of Weapons:

TypeChargesPriceTraining time
Training Weapons50Free from daily reward shrine1 min 40 s
Exercise Weapons500262,500
25 tc
16 min 40 s
(Enhanced) Durable Exercise Weapons1,800945,000
90 tc
1 hour
(Masterful) Lasting Exercise Weapons14,4007,560,000
720 tc
8 hours
  • The type of weapon determines the training time, but it can be a rod or sword and have the same training time what matters is the type as there's various exercise weapons.
  • Public dummies at training schools and private dummies that you buy from the store for your house don't have any effect on how fast you use the exercise weapon, the difference is the effectiveness in skilling. The private dummy is 10% more effective than the public dummy.
  • Training weapons have only 50 charges as a free account you get 1 and a premium account gets 2 on the 6th day of using the daily reward shrine. If it's double reward shrine day you of course get double than what you normally get.
  • Since the training weapons have just 50 charges it takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to use 1 weapon which means that's 1/10th of using the 500 charges from an exercise weapon.


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