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I want something like a top 10 of the single items (not the value of combined items needed to trade for an outfit) for addons that are the most expensive in Tibia. What are the names and prices of these items?

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I have no idea on why someone would downvote it... The question is pretty important and meaningful. Anyway...

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1.  Ferumbras' hat  imagecost around 750kk

2.  Elemental spike  image 90-110kk

3. Final Judgement Final Judgement 40-70kk

4. Shadow Cowl Shadow Cowl 40kk

5. Epaulette (need 20 for addon) image 20-40kk ea

6. Mage's Cap Mage's Cap 20-25kk

7. Plan for a Makeshift Armor Plan for a Makeshift Armour.gif 24kk

8. Obujos' Shell Obujos_Shell 18kk

9. Sturdy Book (need 5 for addon) image 15kk ea

10. Tanjis' Sight Tanjis_Sight 10kk

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Wow, I bought my obujos' shell in 3kk, didn't notice its value had increased that much! Nice info
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Lucky you :D My ferumbras hat costed 350kk..now is really expensive ;x
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Remember that gold is way easier to make now. Before we had plague seal, now we have fire library, carnivores, minotaur cults for low levels as places with an absurd profit.