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What is the best sum of experience ever made by a player during a double experience weekend? Was there any bonus exp at the moment such as Colour of magic party bonus reward?

In some fan sites you can check the maximum amount made in a single day. For example it is possible to see the exp record at Tibia Frags

However some of these records are made by player killing in retro hardcore pvp and the records show only one day.

So who made the highest experience in a double xp weekend event and how much was it?

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Why was this questions flagged with opinion-based?  The highest number is not a factor of opinion but rather a number that can measured and compared. It's a fact.
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I really tried to look this answer up on EVERY fansite imaginable but I cannot find an update or something that pertains to the actually date... ;X I'll keep this question in my notes to research later.

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Please anyone correct me if I'm wrong but I spent days researching this and I'm confident to say: At this moment there is no calculator/tool that will show us the best day for a particular date in Tibia. I have looked through all the fansites that I could possibly read and couldn't find this information. If I found this information it would on be best day of today or will be outdated when you look up characters they don't exist so the list never changes.






As far as events go for the Colors of Magic you won't be able to know which world won the yellow color which would provide you shared party exp of 30%. You would just know what worlds won it but not the specific color.

This world quest starts every six months beginning March, from the 15th to the 23rd.

Only if a world wins for Yellow Fun: The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%.

  • March 15 – March 23
  • September 15 – September 23 




And here is also the dates of double xp and skill events to reference:


Edit: To make things look a little easier to read.