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In order to kill the dragon boss Kalyassa from the First dragon event you need to open 5  Dragon Chests.

If you open 20 dragon Chests you'll earn the achievement "Treasure Hunter". 

How can Someone access all the dragon chests?

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Sorry question is a bit confused for me, u mean the Dragon Chests locations?
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Yes, what is necessary to access them and what is the path. There is one at Okolnir that requires you to have part of svarground quest. Another one at Draconia that's a bit trick to reach.
These dragon chests are related to the first dragon event and appears only while the event is on.
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OK, I got it, thx to make it clear for me =D

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Location of 20 dragon chests:

Jakundaf Desert 


- Treasure Island 

- Kha'Zeel mountain

- Banuta

- Edron - Old Fortress 

- Draconia 

- Vengoth Castle To travel to Vengoth you need to have at least started the mission 4 (The Dark Lands) of the Blood Brothers Quest.

- Zao

- Nargor - Crystal Gardens To travel to Nargor you need to have Meriana Quest.

- Okolnir To travel to Okolnir you need to have Barbarian Test Quest.

- Drefia

- Oramond

- Krailos 

- Isle of Evil To travel to Isle of Evil you need to have Isle of Evil quest.

- Tiquanda

- Yalahar - (Grim Reapers)

- Ghostland

- Darashia

- Goroma To travel to Goroma you need to have Voodoo Master Quest.

Source: https://tibiopedia.pl/quests/The_First_Dragon_Quest