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I believe back in the early days of Lightbearer the rewards were different, can you please tell me what the rewards were?
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indeed there was something different back in the day! In fact, I am almost sure that it has to do with the Holy Magic Missile Emblem, but I cannot confirm since I don't have the time to research the whole issue!
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thank you!

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The first Lightbearer event was introduced in 2009  but already tested in the tester server preceding the summer update of 2009 and again in the test server preceding the autumn patch of 2009.

  • Creatures from good side were removed due to unfair rewards.
  • Old rune rewards were changed to Rune Emblems.
  • Rune rewards won't appear as reward in Lightbearer anymore.

If you helped in event, after the Christmas Up 09, you were able to get the rewards south of Kazordoon Main Gate, after going through an ore wagon. There, were 4 chests. Players were very dissatisfied with the initial rewards planned. As a result, CipSoft added this reward room. They said that this is what they could implement in 2009 (after the event was already finished). In 2009 the rewards were:

Blue Backpack containing:

and some Brocade Backpacks extra :p

In the middle of the room, you were able to find the Fafnar Statue in case you didn't get your Golden Fafnar Trophy or Silver Fafnar Trophy before. At the far end of this room, there is a teleport that leads you to some other rewards but only accessible for players that lit all basins. These were 3 Chests with:

Crown Backpack with:

Moon Backpack with:

Brocade Backpack with:

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Thanks for your answer but Im thinking the first Lightbearer that existed had different awards Im just not sure what they were
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oh, yes... edited (:
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Nice answer, I didn't know about it. :)
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thanks for the detailed response x