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I don't think you can obtain them in-game and I was curious as to what they were and what they do!
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Actualy you can get silver hmm one from the pits of inferno quest (on the bp of holding)
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True B, I've just edited my answer. Thx for remember

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In general Golden and Silver Rune emblems where created to replace old runes overcharged during the Summer Update  in 2010. Today they are given as reward at contest/events performed by the official Fansites.

During Tibia's 15th Anniversary celebration you coul obtain some of them at Denson Larika raids that use occur once a day.

You can get Silver Rune Emblems at some quest, take a look to the lsit:

  • Hero Quest Silver Rune Emblem (UH).gif
  • Crystal Wand Quest Silver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death).gif
  • The Pits of Inferno Quest Silver Rune Emblem (UH).gifSilver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death).gifSilver Rune Emblem (Explosion).gifSilver Rune Emblem (HMM).gif
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Nice one, even I didn't know about this raids ! :D
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thanks for your reply!
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thanks wanted to know too!
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the silver versions are from different quests. the gold are given away for contests from fan sites, I believe
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from my understanding you can get both silver and gold from fansite and contests but everyone prefers gold!
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Those are just for decoración, some of them can be obtained in game, and some were randomly gaven in anniversary. The rarest one are usually obtained in contest.
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thanks for the response this is true