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After reaching the maximum amount of points in the "Killing in the name of..." quest, you get to pick which boss you want to kill each time you complete a task. Financially speaking, which boss is the most profitable on average?

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I think this are the most profitable since you can get nice rares droppe

  1.  Zanakeph 64k~ (Maxilla maximus can be dropped)
  2.  Leviathan 52k~  (Frozen plate as very rare)
  3. Fleshcrawler 45k~ (Ornamented brooch as rare)
  4.  Ethershreck 42k~ (Many sellable items and golden can of oil as rare)
  5.  Paiz the Pauperizer 31k~ (Harness and blade of corruption(very rare) )
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Is this the average loot you get or the max loot you get?
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average, the max is the item listed between ()
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Awesome, thank you!