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For decoration I really like light sources such as candles or candelabrum, for example:

However their flames go out after some time.

Others are not pickupable such as candelabra: 

So the question is, are there any kind of candles or candelabrum that can be used for house or guildhall decoration that won't go out?

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I like to use in my decoaration: 

Candle Made of Human Tallow Candle Made of Human Tallow. It gives off a very faint green light, but cannot be equipped in your belt slot.

You see a candle made of human tallow.

It weighs 0.30 oz.

It burns with a reeking, pale green flame.

3 of them are obtained and used during The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest.

Candle Stump Candle Stump This is the item needed to tame a Mole. It probably has a chance of breaking. You can loot it from The Duke of the Depths and The Count of the Core.

You see a candle stump.

It weighs 8.50 oz.

It is attached to a long leather strap with a tinged tin clasp.

Mining Helmet Mining HelmetProvides 4 squares of permanent yellow light, a bit weaker than a Torch. A reward from To Outfox a Fox Quest.

You see a mining helmet (Arm:1).

It weighs 7.00 oz.

This is your personal mining helmet.

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christmas branch disappears after christmas so it does go out eventually<3
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Hmm I still have it in my depo
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It would dissapear if you would put it in your house/outside of depo box. Not sure if suddenly but it would.
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I tested it out today (1/6/2021) I put it in the house because I had it in my depot and it was still there then I logged out for work and came back online and it disappeared.