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How does it work? Does it override the old house torch or? Is it like a deco to place at new locations?

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Torch of Change is not meant to replace an existing torch. It is meant to decorate/be hung on an empty wall.

Once placed on a wall, you can change the colour of the flame amongst the following colours: red , green  , and lightblue . It will then emit light in the selected colour. You can also turn it off. That means that the item can be on four different states when it is on a wall.

If you try to put the Torch of Change on a place where a torch already exists, you will get a message stating "There is not enough room.". I have tested this and taken a screenshot to show that:

This item can be purchased in the store for 120  Tibia Coins.

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so if i want to change the one i have existing on the wall is there a way?
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I own these lamps, I think I have four, and this did not seem to be possible. Let me check today once I am back home, but last time I tried that was not possible, you could not replace existing lamps.
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@chrishugsyou I have tested and confirmed what I wrote above: you cannot place a Torch of Change where a torch already exists; that is, it cannot be used to replace an already existing torch.
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