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I'm not sure if this is premium only, please help! I'm not free account so I'm not sure.

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You can't as it is advertised at the tibia website. Other features of being premium account are:

  • Your stamina goes up to 42h where you get 50% more xp when it is between 42 and 40 hour
  • Enable you to specify backpack for different types of loots when quick looting.
  • New areas, new outfits and being able to use mounts.
  • Free slot for prey and hunting tasks.
  • Double your daily rewards.

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I appreciate the link and extra information thank you
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No you can't, sadly this advantage is only for premmium accounts. Free accounts still have to train as in the old times.
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Source? :)
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own experience lol, tryed and couldn't in a free account char
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No you can’t train offline as a free account but you can buy training weapons in store or at any magical shop ;p even as free account and train in adventurers guild dummy or see if there is any together with the training statues at your city...

(it says on tibia site what you can get as premmium and free accounts here: https://www.tibia.com/abouttibia/?subtopic=premiumfeatures )