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I'm really big into Tibian history, what was the first world created in Tibia? If there was more than one created at the same time please list them all thanks.

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Antica was the first world created. Before Nova came, Antica was called Tibia. Antica is a latin word that means old. Antica was also very famous for having Bubble, who was first player to get level 100, and who was the first player to get to level 200 in Tibia.

You can find a lot rares (the oldest items) on Antica for example:

Green Tomes Green Tome, Blue Tomes Blue Tome, and Grey Tomes  Grey Tome

Shields of Honour Shield of Honour

Golden Helmets Golden Helmet

Winged Helmets Winged Helmet

Horned Helmets Horned Helmet

Rose Shields Rose Shield

Yellow Roses Yellow Rose

Broken Amulets Broken Amulet

Bronze Necklaces Bronze Necklace

Silver Necklaces Silver Necklace

Blessed Shield Blessed Shield

White Dress White Dress.gif

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Antica

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thank you for the details, :) i appreciate the bonus information about the worlds thanks.
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Antica was the first server created. Before the second world "Nova" was created it was called Tibia.

Antica is the latin world for old.

Source in portuguese