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I have a paladin with a decent skill and commented it with my brother, then he replied:

"of course you have good skills, you've been offline training it for how many years?"

Then I searched on tibia.com the creation date of my paladin and could not find any information about, all I know is my account creation date.

Does anyone know a website or even where within tibia.com I could find this information? Or is it impossible?

I know many websites keep track of a lot of stuff like online time, etc.. but never seen creation date. I'm really curious to know for how long I've been training each of my characters.

Thank you :)
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I couldn't find character creation date, closest i could find was https://guildstats.eu/ and then checking my earliest death

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I emailed Cipsoft and they assured me they can tell me my characters age I had them double verify it by asking twice. This is the only way at the moment.

Date: Jan 10 2020, 11:43:17 CET

Re: [Ticket#422870457958] Liviuh - Character Age


Thank you for your request.

The information my colleague provided you is correct. The character Liviuh was indeed created on January 11, 2019.

This means you have created this character on the same date.

If you have further questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Tibia Customer Support

I went through all the fansites and they couldn't help me with your character's age and not account age. The only way to know is by submitting a ticket to CIPSOFT on tibia.com

Here's my previous research:


This fansite is outdated won't show one of my characters appears to be inactive.


This fansite doesn't show any character details besides experience in past week or year but didn't load for one of my characters.


This fansite says I died by a wyrm on 1/1/1970. Outdated. However shows some deaths.


This fansite shows you minimal information about deaths not showing me my character in particular.

I feel like if you go the Tibia client -> Character -> Achievements You can go based off of those dates roughly to estimate or check letters in your depot or market history.

Ohmy a good way to see how long you've been offline training would be to do some sort of calculator. I prefer the Tibiastats calculator.



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I emailed CIP about this and they keep quoting me my account age and not specific character age. I'm going to ask them again if they could check. ~
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You can use tibiaring.com and see your earliest death, that could give you a good guess to know the character creation.