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I've always wondering how she takes her money (if it's a random amount) and if there's a cap to the amount she'll take.
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Interesting question.
Nowadays It may not means much, but un the old times every coin was important

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Aruda Aruda is a wily young woman who wanders around Thais. She attracts young men to herself so that she may steal from them. All people beware for once you talk to her she will quickly take your money and run. Note, her name's similarity with the word "rude".

Some rumours suggest that she may be a powerful magic user.

According to Oswald, she used to be the girlfriend of Partos, who is also a thief.

When she says "Oh, sorry, I was distracted, what did you say?", that means she has stolen gold from you (up to 10gp). If you don't have any gold or call her a thief, she'll say "Oh sorry, I have to hurry, bye!"

If you say "time" and look at your watch, she will then steal your watch.

Warning: Be careful! If Aruda is close by (within 4 squares) of an NPC and you say hi, she will still steal your gold!

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