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I'd like to know who was the highest character ever deleted and why? I've heard rumors of this one player but I don't know exactly what had happened.

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Bizho - Level 1307 EK

- He was trying to sell his account

- He would buy accounts and hand them out to people to use

- He was found to use macros to magic level train

- He account shared

Pablinn - Level 1121 RP


- He was trying to sell his account

- Account Sharing

his actions were caught live on twitch of him having his title saying "sell char" and shown letting other people log on his char while steaming. Was also fitting he got Deleted while steaming as well.

Also A notable player is Lord'Paulistinha - 467 EK

He was highest level in tibia at the time he was deleted on Jan 26, 2010 for account trading

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Thanks for the details on your response I only knew of Pablin but not the others so I appreciate the multiple answers:)
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