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If I wanna farm Pharaohs and their rares. So what do you think which order the fastest one is? And why?
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Can't you ask one question about pharaohs? It's the third one I guess...
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Small, precise questions are encouraged over broad questions containing multiple sub-questions. This allows users who know answers only to some of the questions avoid posting partial answers. Clear and small questions are also easier to answer in general.
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Sorry if you feel offended by my questions. I am a person who is really interested in collecting Pharaoh rares. That's why I am a 100% sure I got even more about it.
And I see it the same way Ellotris Guardian does, it is easier to answer.
I can give u one hint: just skip questions you are not interested in :-)
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Pharaoh items can be very rare, some pharaoh items drop from other monsters (bosses) in game and can be easier to loot from them. Depending if you want to loot it from the pharaoh itself, you will need decent level/team to kill them with ease.
No pharaoh has the easiest loot/drop chance, they are all semi-equal in their loot chance.
Ashmunrah = Holy Scarab
Dipthrah = Pharaoh Sword
Mahrdis = Holy Falcon and Phoenix Shield (Shield easier to loot from The Time Guardian, forgotten knowledge quest)
Morguthis = Ravager's Axe
Omruc = nothing
Rahemos = Twin Axe
Thalas = Djinn Blade (easier to kill The Sandking from Cults of Tibia and loot, if have team)
Vashresamun = Ancient Tiara

Depending on your vocation, ek/rp can solo Rahemos with ease since it is weak to physical damage, this can be sometimes the easiest item (being able to kill it quickly to allow more times for boss to spawn)

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Since the chance to drop any rare depends on your luck, there is no "fastest" way. I can only suggest you to start with the easiest pharaohs, like Dipthrah or Vashresamun and consider to skip those pharaohs, which loot is not profitable nowadays (like for example Omruc).
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I am actually wondering if it is not better for you to focus only on one Pharaoh and re-entering the place few times in a row. In case re-spawn is very slow, I would including one more Pharaoh to that.