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I went to talk to the vampire Vladruc Urghain, owner of the magic shop in Venore.  Instead of getting any of the dialogue listed in tibiawiki, he simply says "Chhh ... sorry I'm busy <cough>." and ends the conversation.

Curious to see if anyone knows why?

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When you put on a Garlic Necklace or use the Creature Illusion spell to change into a vampire, Vladruc will start behaving differently. When talking to him without having a garlic amulet and without turning into a vampire, he talks normal. When you put on a  and try to talk to him he will say - "Chhh ... sorry I'm busy <cough>." 


I had to check it first in game - when you write to  "UNDEAD" he will answer you a quote from Necronomicon, a fictional book appearing in Lovecraft's stories: "It is not dead, which can eternal lie, and in strange aeons, even death may die".


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That answer was almost perfect thank you. I wasn't wearing a garlic necklace but i did have one buried in my backpack that i had forgotten about. Many thanks to you.