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What are the best places to loot bag now that there's a daily floor reset it's hard. Please note this question is not to be confused with Related Question: Best places to gather food in Tibia? I'm asking for not food related items!) This can be for all levels, vocations, and types of hunt: solo or team.

For me my favorite places to loot bag:

In a team: Belted CapesBelted Cape From Undead Elite GladiatorsUndead Elite Gladiator

Solo: Empty Potion Flask (Small)and Plate Armorfrom Hellspawns Hellspawn

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For me (as rp) the best place to do Loot bp without a doubt is in Minotaurs cults (Minotaur Cult Follower, Minotaur Cult Zealot and Minotaur Cult Prophet) in mintwallin (although it is true you will lose time taking the bp out the tp), because its loot is so heavy, they loot so many and there is a mailbox (accesible if you have done postman quest) in Mintwallin. Their loot is:

  • Mino Shield Mino Shield
  • Mino Lance Mino Lance
  • Warrior HelmetWarrior Helmet
In team hunt the only place I usualy do 'loot bp' is in the deathlings  (Deathling Scout and Deathling Spellsinger) of Gray beach (Ancient Ancestorial Grounds), because some items are so heavy, and I run out of cap so fast, so I leave part of the loot there, and come back for it later. Its loot are
  • Warrior's Axe Warrior's Axe
  • Heavy Trident Heavy Trident
  • Warrior's Shield Warrior's Shield
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Shoot I totally forgot I lootbag at Minos too! Those are the absolute best
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yeeees sir! theeeey are :P
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yes mam* xD
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Maybe those are not places for higher lvls but I always made lootbags on:

  • Giant Spiders on Port Hope with Plate Armors, Two Handed Swords, Steel Helmets and sometimes when i didn't have cap on my little rp Knight Armors and Knight Legs
  •  Crystal Spider and  Ice Golems on Svargrond with Shards, Ice Cubes, Crystal Swords, Ice Rapiers
  • Ice Witch on Svargrond in Ice Witch Temple with Ice Golems and Crystal Spiders with the same loot as above.
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oh ice cubes are such a good thing to keep around for that color event :P thanks for the additions.
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Today a place to do lootbag would be a place that drop many not so expensive itens that the knight won't have cap to carry at the end of the hunt. I do not encourage making lootbags of the expensive itens due to risk of losing them. 

For lootbags is important to have a place where you can hide your parcel, backpack or bag without people finding it. In the past i used to hunt at Mintwallin and hide the itens on a dead minotaur that is part of the city and won't perish. You can also hide a bag  behind a tree  or use containers that are part of the place decoration.

For a low level would recommend hunting at Hero Fortress and keeping the Halberts from Vicius Squares and Plate armors from the bonebeast .

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Thats a cute idea with the heroes!