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I was hearing some stories about something called sheep level and I was curious as to what it was and where it is?

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The Secret Sheep Level was a location in Tibia which used to contain several Sheep and a Black Sheep. This hidden cave was designed and mapped by Knightmare.

Back in the day, the Secret Sheep Level was discovered by Pepelu and Halfhigh (Original pictures were at the red rose guild website). CipSoft had no idea of its existence and found out the place was being abused to make runes and/or train while being AFK by using macros. Therefore, they removed the place. It was located in the Edron Rotworm Cave in Stonehome, which is now a Bog Raider Cave.

On May 23, 2011, a player named Ogx claimed to have discovered a new Secret Sheep Level. However, this as been proved to be fake.

And lastly this is how the entrance looks now :

Source : https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Secret_Sheep_Level

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hey love can you include the source and the pictures ?
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Unfortunately, the links to the sources seem to have died as this whole thing happened so long ago, but i can include some pictures :)
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