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Scarab CoinLet's say I'm starting off in a new server so I'm a low level. What's the best way to obtain Scarab coins if you can't purchase them on the market as their unavailable. You also can't purchase them from a NPC. What you can hunt is limited as I'm a low level. What are the best ways to get Scarab Coins under these conditions?

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Maybe digging? I'm not sure about it hehe gime some time to let me check them a post it right here rsrs
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No problem!

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OK I'll give you an option, if it's the best I'm note sure.

You can dig at the Ankrahmun desert so you might receive a coin for it or appear a Scarab that you can kill with possibility of  scarab coin drop. Following you have some statistics about digging at the desert, it's about 2571 trials.

Unfortunately I don't have the info about how many scarab coins dropped from the Scarabs that appear.

Source: TibiaFandom

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You can hunt Scarabs in Ankrahmun's caves, if you're an EK you can get money from drops. If you're paladin or mage you can hunt them easily once you can attack from distance.
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