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In 3rd mission I have to buy Scarab Cheese from Npc Miraia on Darashia and deliver it in 30 minutes to Rashid in Port Hope. I can't send it by parcel or travel by boats. What way is the best for walk?

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Tip: Scarab CheeseThis item turns into a Moldy Cheese after 30 minutes. Watch out, since you can eat it.

RashidRashid will be in Port Hope on Wednesdays, in Clyde's tavern, west from the depot (here). Ask Rashid for a mission and he will ask you to buy a Scarab Cheese from Miraia Miraia on Darashia. Travel to Darashia and buy the cheese from Miraia for 100 gps. You must deliver the cheese fast to Rashid, because after 30 minutes it turns into a moldy cheese. Also, beware that the cheese is edible. If you lose the cheese somehow, you can buy another one from Miraia. You cannot use boats, so you must make your way to Port Hope on foot following this path from Ankrahmun to Port Hope (See below for more images/information). Rashid won't accept the cheese if you buy it before speaking to him, or if you send the cheese by parcel. After the delivery, you'll finish his mission for now and receive the Just in Time (note you need to have finished The Ice Delivery mission of The Explorer Society Quest as well in order to get the achievement). 



The pink circle is the NPC Miraia where you buy the cheese. Then follow the purple line to the starting point of Ankrahmun. Please note you will have to go up and down some stairs. After that you'll be at our next image.

  • starting from Ankrahmun, you must climb over the mountains to the west, you will face Hyaenas here:

 Ank PH Route2 Ank PH Route3 Ank PH Route4 Ank PH Route5 Ank PH Route6
After having climbed up to the top of the mountain go over the bridge, there is 1 Nomad and some Bandits here:
Ank PH Route7 Ank PH Route8
There are no monsters here, just go down until reaching a ladder:
Ank PH Route9 Ank PH Route10 Ank PH Route11 Ank PH Route12 Ank PH Route13

Now you will proceed to the more dangerous part of the journey. Aiming to go straight west to town will usually take longer due to a lot of plants, trees and creatures blocking your way all the time. The way shown below goes outside the thickest parts.
You may encounter a lot of Spiders, Poison Spiders, Tarantulas, Centipedes, Wasps, Crocodiles, Spit Nettles, Dworcs, Elephants, Terror Birds and occacionally some Carniphilas. The more south you go, the easier and safer is the terrain and are the creatures.

Watch out for lured Hydras! Then go up the ladder.
  Ank PH Route14

Then walk to the pink circle (1st image) on the boardwalk, go down and then walk to where Rashid will be in the Tavern (2nd image)! Remember to say Hi, Mission, Yes to him. :)

Reference: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Kha%27zeel_Pass

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Thanks for all maps! :D
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Not a problem, I had to make some of my own but most are from tibia fandom <3
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There are basically 2 ways to walk from Darashia to Port Hope:

  1. By the Terramite Cave, you enter it in Ankrahmun desert, and will leave it inside Tiquanda's jungle, then all you have to do is walk to Port Hope town.

2. By the mountains, all you have to do is find the stairs that leads into the mountain and then walk until you leave it on the other side. There is just 1 path to be followed, so it should be easy!